Electric Brakes


When towing you can’t always just rely on the tow vehicle to do the braking for itself and the towed vehicle. Australian transport rules state that when a towed load is over 750kg a braking system must be fitted to the trailer.

One of the most common types of trailer brakes fitted is electric brakes.
To smoothly control the electric brakes, a brake controller must be fitted in the tow vehicle, where the driver can easily access the unit while driving.

WynnumTowbars ElectricBrakes-ProdigyThere are many types of electric brakes on the market. Wynnum towbars use and strongly recommend a pendulum type of controller (Tekonsha p3, Prodigy, Primus or Voyager) We do not recommend and advise against the installation of ‘solid state’ type.

A pendulum type will send a variable amount of current to the trailer brakes in proportion to the stopping motion of the tow vehicle giving you a smoother and more responsive braking application.

Most controllers also have a manual override feature which allows you to apply brakes to the trailer only. this is helpful feature to minimise caravan sway or instability.