Roothy-copyrightWynnum Towbars - Leo Hite and his sons Jason and Matt - have been building, fitting and wiring towbars and braking systems for over forty years. I rely on them for all my tow bar and towing needs.

The Hite's use nothing but the best available products and their engineering skills are superb. Their wiring is both tidy and rugged, using oversize cables and plugs and always well tucked away. I often take advantage of Leo and the boys years of practical experience, consulting them on any matters concerning correct fitment of tow gear and accessories for my reader's problem pages in my magazine.

As an independent firm with a terrific reputation for honest advice and fair pricing, you can't do any better than Wynnum Towbars' old fashioned service. They're great blokes to do business with!

ROOTHY - John Rooth, Freelance Photo/Journalist,
Magazine Technical Writer and Vehicle Project Construction.



This family business offers a rock solid product and great advice backed by years of experience. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a new towbar and advice. I've had three cars that needed towbars, including a Landcruiser and 2 Pajeros. I trust the boys at Wynnum Towbars to give me exactly what I need. Ihave towed everything from trailers and boats to caravans and never had a issue with their gear. I had an problem with another brand on a Pajero I had bought second hand, so I had the boys replace it with one of theirs.

Jezza. Bayside Pajero Owner.